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Shiva Pariyar- Biography

Shiva Pariyar

Basic Info
Hometown:-Hajariya-8, Sarlahi, Nepal.

Music Training Since 12 years old. Eastern Classical/ music/ vocal
Career start:- (2003)
First recorded song:-Jati Birsyo Timro Yaad (Nepali gazal) (2003)
First Album:- 'Mokshya'(2005)
First concert :-Radio Nepal(2003)
Music Inspiration :- Narayan Gopal. Gopal Yonjon, Bhaktaraj Acharya.Deep shrestha,Phatte Man Rajbhandari,
First Music Instrument :-'Madal' When i was 14 years old.
Favourite song of mine:- Alikati nazar Timro,sangee Dubdai chhu Timro yadma,kahan thiyau timi......
Favourite music video of mine:-Chhati ma Hat Rakher
Favourite food:- Nepali and Indian Food.
Favourite place:- Pokhara
Favourite colorBlac:-Black Red,white,Purple
Favourite season:-Basanta Ritu
Favourite sports:-Football
Favourite vehicle:-Tucson
Favourite perfume:-one million

Like about myselfI don't like to show off...
Besides Music/Hobbies/Interest:-Reading Magazines and Novels, watching movies
For me style is Be simple!!!
Memorable moment :- Clash between Police personals and Pubile while permorming in Butuwal.
Meaning of life:- Life is combination of Happiness and sorrow.
Popularized by the songs like Alikati Nazar Timro, Kahan Thiyau Timi ...., Dherai Choti Maren Mata, Phewa Taal Ma Sailee, sangee ,pagal banayau priye,kya Daami bho, Phate ko man and many others, Shiva Pariyar is identified as decidedly valued Nepali gazal and Sufi singer with 7th full length albums and two dozens of Nepali film projects under his hat. Gold Medallist in ‘National Contemporary Music Competition’ hosted by Radio Nepal in 2059,Bs (2003).Ad, Shiva Pariyar is a classical vocal performer as well .

Also a talented tabala player, Shiva Pariyar released his debut album 'Mokshya' 2006 and reappeared with his second album Swayam in2009. He released his 3rd album Kadambini that was followed by Kya Dami and Pagal in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Achievements like ‘Best Vocal Performance/ Image Award 2009’ for Dherai Choti Mare Mata, ‘Best Vocal Performance Kalika FM Awards 2009’ for Kaha Thiyau Timi Ranga Manch , Annapurna FM Music Award 2010 for Dherai Choti, CG Digital Filmfare Award for Naya Jasto Hunna Raicha from the movie ‘Shreeman’ and Best Play Back Singing/ Kalika FM Music Award for 'Sangai Dubdai Chhu Timro Yaad Ma' has proved him for becoming a highly appreciated singer.

Born on 22nd February 1982 at hajariya VDC, Sarlahi district to Sadhu Ram Pariyar and Man Kumari Pariyar, Shiva Pariyar's childhood was full of naughtiness. ‘I used to steal mangoes, sugarcane, dive into deep well, hunt birds with my catapult, and climb tall trees. Once I remember when I encountered a snake while hunting for birds. I was fearless in doing those but now, I experience vertigo even if I look down from 2 stored building' shares Shiva.

When Shiva was 2 and half years old, his family migrated to Hajariya VDC becoming the permanent resident of the village. 'In my school, I was an average student but sometimes, I used to bunk my classes for not doing my homework', Shiva chuckles. While he was in his 7th standard, a national level regional musical competition was announced where each and every student had to go through a voice test to make the school authorities select the best capable candidate. Since, every individual was compulsorily made to go through the test; Shiva could not deny the challenge. ‘If the voice test was mandated to be undertaken among the interested individuals, I would never have had nominated myself because I was a very shy student and raising a hand for a challenge was impossible for me', Shiva shared. Dilli bahadur sherestha, his class teacher selected him after the voice test who soon became the candidate to participate in the regional competition. He finally participated in the competition and also won his first ever stage performance tendering the application of his name to be registered in national level competition. The boy who was out of focus in his school quickly became a popular name. Shiva won the regional challenge leaving 33 participants behind along with the respect and love from his school mates and teachers. It was only during his participation in voice test, Shiva discovered his love for music.

In 1996, Shiva participated in another regional competition for another level of competition happening in Kathmandu. At that time, he stayed in the hostel administered by Galaxy Public School for 17 days to practice for the musical challenge. For the challenge, he accompanied Dil Bahadur Sir, from the female part and sang the song 'Mathi Mathi Lek Ma Ma Jada Danfe Ra Chari Nacheko'.

After completing his SLC, he moved to Kathmandu for his further education. Till then, his inclination for music had already wooed a web for which he joined ‘Lalit Kala Campus’ to pursue his musical education that commemorated the start of his struggle for music. He could not complete the level since completing the subject ‘Compulsory English’ was not his cup of tea. Then, he shifted to Gandharva Sangeet Vidhyalaya, the school that taught classical music, owned by his music teacher Chandan Kumar Shrestha.

In 2002, Shiva participated in ‘national modern song Competition’ hosted by Radio Nepal and secured A-Graded Certification along with a gold medal. Following this, he recorded his first song Jati Birsyo Timro Yaad Auna Khojcha, written by Suresh Wagle in his own composition. At the same time, he learnt to play tabala with Rabin Lal Shrestha. In 2005, he released his debut album 'Mokshya'. Though he was not natured to sing contemporary music, the song ‘Phewa Taal Ma Sailee’ became a big hit. In 2008, he released an album Swayam on his solo composition and vocal. Songs like Alikati Nazar Timro, Timrai Nimti Makhamali Choli and Mero Bare unle Sodhe Maryo Bhandinu became major hits.

In 2009, another album Kadambinee was released. Written by Sheetal Kadambini Gurung in his solo composition for the album, songs like Kahan Thiyau Timi Ranga Mancha uthepachhii Aayau, Dherai Choti Maren Ma Ta profiled him as a good singer in Nepali music. In 2010, he released fourth album Kya Dami with his solo vocal and music by Chandi Prasad Kafle. In 2010, he released ‘Phateko Mann’weitten by maniraj basnet on his solo composition, in 2011, he released ‘Paagal’ written by Keshav Raj Acharya on his solo composition and vocal. and in 2011, he realeased 'kathale magepa6i' solo vocal, People started to question if Shiva had a pure sufi album or not and to reply with positive answer, I released this album and it is indeed a sufi album' shares Shiva with a smile on his face.

Best known for his singing in no lip syncing required songs, Shiva started play back singing from the movie Maidaan and has sung in more than 2 dozen of Nepali films including Kohi Mero, Batch no 16, Shreeman , Shreeman Shreemati, Mard and

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