Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bedoon protesters demand rights – Special Forces storm Taima

KUWAIT: Kuwait Special Forces storm the Taima area as bedoons demonstrate after Asr prayers yesterday. Troops and security patrols dispersed the protesters at the Taima’s main streets and surrounding areas. Protesters responded to calls via the social websites to gather at the Taima square yesterday. The bedoons are demanding for an instant solution to their problems.

They accused the government of backing down on its promises on their naturalization and rights. Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry said that the bedoons do not have the right to gather and demonstrate on the streets. Human rights groups have urged Kuwait government to solve the bedoons issue and end their 50 years of suffering. In a recent statement, rights groups called on the government to naturalize more than 30,000 bedoons who (the government admitted) deserve citizenship.

By A Saleh
from kuwaittimes

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